will ρяσтєcт you

           until my l a s t

    b r e a t h. 


Baked Nutella Turnovers | Barbara Bakes


Baked Nutella Turnovers | Barbara Bakes

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Reblog with the face your muse makes right before they’re about to disobey you.

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"That’s great," the Doctor smiled, "It should be enough."  The Doctor then thought for a moment.  He had most of a plan.  He knew he could stop the Cybermen with the gold, and he knew he could get them far away from where they were with the TARDIS, but to stop the Cybermen, the gold had to be physically touching them.  How would he manage that?

"Now, there is just one, slight, small problem with this plan, but I’m sure we can figure something out," the Doctor stated, "The gold needs to be physically touching the Cybermen for them to completely stop in their place."


Theodore glanced to the man, finding several more golden coins, and threw them to join on his bed. The glittering pool of coins clinked and clattered once they hit each other, and the sound echoed in his ears. Blinking, the man stood up from the crouching position he was in, and looked over the Doctor curiously.

The gold had to be touching them? Reaching for a piece, he glanced it over, deep in thought. If he was correct, it would be too dangerous to just simply approach them. Running his fingernails against the palm of his hand, and he then lifted his head up.

"W-what if we lure them?" he spoke, "and then we use the gold to touch them. L-like … we keep the piece of gold concealed in our palm. Will t-that work?"

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                                                          ι woυld

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                                                     { d e m o n s }

                                                        jυѕт тo ѕee

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❝ It’s so easy to hate. It takes strength to be gentle and kind. ❞
— The Smiths (via wallflower-musings)
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      A Prose-Only Disney Roleplay    II     About The Group - Rules - Character List

      I      From its beginning, DWRP has  advocated  the growth of creativity through
      I      well-written  and  engaging  stories using  the magic of Disney.  It  grants its
      I      members  the power to control  and develop their plots through community-
      I      built and fun-filled threads. The group is maintained around the schedule of
      I      its members, making  it  perfect  for those  who  love  to  write, but fear time 
      I      constraint may become an issue.

                                               Start plotting with thegrandpompouswindbag today!

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Caraco and Petticoat
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art


Caraco and Petticoat


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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—Munday Meme / Meet The Mun

—✩Name: Dragon (you will never know my name)

—✩❧ FC (If you have one): Duke’s glorious French booty.

i was tagged by: By my muse’s wife-to-be/my sister from another mister.

tagging: You, with the face. You have been tagged. 

  • OCCUPATION: Working until I become rich (or get a shit-ton of money from my art).
  • DRINK | SMOKE | DRUGS:  Yes|Hookah, but not cigarettes|No
  • LIKE[S]: Drawing my favorite characters in terrible situations, Disney, drawing, video games, animals, the Grand Duke, nature, my friends, my parents, money, my boyfriend, internet, porn.
  • DISLIKE[S]: Slow as fuck internet, people (for the most part), driving a car
  • FEAR[S]: Needles, humanoid dolls, talking in front of crowds, crowds, stupidity.
  • PERSONALITY TRAITS: Troll-ish. I was trolling before it was cool.

{ P H Y S I C A L   I N F O R M A T I O N }

  • GENDER: A gurl.
  • HAIR COLOR: Blonde-brown.
  • EYE COLOR: Green-blue.
  • HEIGHT: 5’9”
  • PHYSIQUE: Chubby with broad as fuck shoulders.
  • RACE: Human.

{ F A M I L Y   I N F O R M A T I O N }

  • SIBLING[S]: Only brat.
  • PARENT[S]: Alive and well.
  • PET[S]: My birdie.

{ R E L A T I O N S H I P   I N F O R M A T I O N }

  • RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Dating-ish. He’s in the Navy, soooooo.
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What Is It Like


Gothel couldn’t help but be amazed by this man. He was so kind and he seemed wise and attentive as well. She knew this wasn’t Theodore’s real father, but she considered him very lucky. Anyone, Gothel thought, would be lucky to have this man as their father. She grasped his hand dearly and smiled at him.

Soon they were standing and she found herself taking his arm with ease. Such willingness had come over her, such willingness that hadn’t been so easily natural to her with other strangers. Gothel chuckled and nodded softly, looking forward to spending more time with him.

"Yes, I don’t think he’ll mind at all." she murmured.

As time went by, Gothel found herself enjoying the time she spent with Florian. She had always wondered what it was like to have a father and now she almost felt as if she knew. Almost. She knew he wasn’t her real father and never would be, but it was something and better than nothing all the same. Eventually, it was late afternoon and they had just finished a round of chess. Using skilled and careful cheating with magic, she had won. Luckily, she had been playing against Florian and not Theodore, who almost certainly would’ve caught on to her cheating eventually.

"I win again." she beamed, grinning up at Florian. Her competitiveness always seemed to rear it’s head, even with people she didn’t expect it to.

Many hours had passed, and those were spent with Gothel—his stepson’s soon-to-be-wife. He felt a surge of warmth near her, and he wasn’t sure why. Well, maybe he did: his Theodore had fallen head-over-heels in love with her, and she obviously felt the same. However, he knew that they were going to have some trouble in their days ahead, after all, she was be a commoner. Not a drop of royal blood was in her. He didn’t mind, not one bit.

Reclining in his chair, he gave a short laugh. “Yes, you did, my dear,” he said, shifting slightly. “You are very good at the game.” Sitting up, he started to remove the pieces from the board, and gathered them in a little box at his right. “Gothel, dear, since you and Theodore are to be married, Zelda and I were thinking of throwing you two an engagement party.”

Reaching for the final few pieces, he placed them neatly into the wooden box, closed the lid, and locked it with a small, metal latch.

"The whole family will be invited, and all will come to congratulate the both of you."


The older man glanced to her, and warmly smiled. “So, are you alright with that or would you rather not have one. We don’t mind either way.”

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"Yes, excellent," the Doctor told him as he followed him down a long hallway, "I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m just trying to steal from you," the Doctor told him, "I promise, once we shut down the Cybermen, you’ll get your gold back.  We’ll need to figure something else to do with the Cybermen, but I should be able to handle that myself."

The Doctor already had an idea of a planet he could take them to, where they wouldn’t be able to get off and invade other planets.  It would be peaceful for them.

"This is a nice castle you have here by the way," the Doctor told him as they walked.

"I … I trust you."

Seeing how he had just met the man, those words coming from his mouth seemed so strange. Yet, he trusted that this man was telling the truth: there was evidence provided and those metal machines had to be disposed of quickly. And if this … Doctor could do it, who was Theodore to question him.

Making a gesture with his hand, the lanky Duke moved down the hall at a brisk pace. His dark eyes glanced about, wondering if there were any of those … Cyber Men (or was it Cybermen?) this Doctor was explaining and showing him. Glancing back, the Duke gave him a weary smile.

"Oh, this isn’t my palace, per say, I just live here. The King owns this estate."

Reaching his bedchambers, the Duke pushed open the doors and darted inside. Knowing where to go, the lanky gentleman approached a bedside table, where he kept some extra coins. Opening the small cloth coin purse, the Duke poured it onto his bed, plucking out several gold pieces. His careful eyes searched out anything of gold, and in total, he found twenty-seven pieces.

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"And yet, through it all, Cinderella remained ever gentle and kind, for with each dawn she found new hope that someday her dreams of happiness would come true."

"Darling." His voice was soft like cotton, and smooth like the finest wine. Smiling, his eyes glowed in the low light of the hallway as he reached over to touch her cheek. "Where have you been?"



Gothel turned her head to look upwards at her fiance, a touch of a smile forming on her lips. “Just out traveling. You know how restless I get.” She chuckled softly.

When her hair was tugged, she couldn’t help the tiny moan that managed to escape her lips. She sighed and kissed him back, pressing her body firmly against his. After pulling away for a few moments, she smirked at him.

"You’re getting better at this. More confident. I like it." she purred.

He growled, clutching her tightly as his fangs lightly grazed against her lips. Oh, how he wanted her. Exhaling deeply, he looked at her as he boldly licked her cheek; he soon started to pepper her face with kisses. His hand tangled into her locks, where he began to roughly tug and pull.

"Oh, Lord, how I want you."

Pulling away from her face, his mouth went straight to her neck, where he began to suck, lick, and bite at her flesh. He even allows his fangs to graze the surface of her skin—oh, her taste! He couldn’t resist.

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