Clowning Around // Duke and Gothel


Gothel tried so very hard to ignore the gurgling around her. As if this wasn’t disgusting enough it managed to keep getting worse. Cringing, she kept up her silence for a while until she eventually saw figures through the see-through greenish colored skin.

Two police officers coming out to see what was going on. They had probably been alerted by Slug’s large, loud and for the moment, Gothel thought, obnoxious footsteps. Still, she knew she would mess with him again after this. She never learned her lesson and she never knew when to quit.

She moved forward and sighed. She dreaded being spit out and being in such a state in front of people but that didn’t mean she didn’t want out of this slimy prison. She just wanted out of here and in a bath in her own home, which she would be soon enough.

"Care getting me out of here now?" she muttered to Slug.

He noticed the two cops that had come from down the street, and he perked his head to them quickly. He recognized these two—these men always had the “honor” of locking away Gothel in her cell before she managed to escape. He padded over to them with a small smile stretched across his lips as he gazed down at them.

"Evening, gentlemen."

"Ah, good evening to yourself, Slug," the older policeman said as he gave a nod to the being before him. Glancing down, he smirked. "And you caught her."

The younger policeman laughed, moving around to Slug’s right side and bent at the knees to peer over to Gothel. “It never fails does it, lady?” he asked with a snicker.

Slug frowned at the younger man as he glanced to the goo-like creature with a broad smile. It wasn’t long until it faded and he then returned to his partner’s side. The older police officer gestured to Slug.

"Come along, let’s get to the police station."

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Clowning Around // Duke and Gothel


Gothel kept it up until he began moving and she eased up as she realized he was getting to his feet. As he finally begins walking, she pulls her leg away and nods.

Hearing his little comments she wants to tell him about how annoying and infuriating his statements are and how she wants to smack him and kick him. Yet, she doesn’t, because she doesn’t want to get green gunk in her mouth. So she merely huffs and folds her arms, hoping that this horrible experience would be over soon.

His gut swayed gently as he moved (and made soft gurgling and bubbling sounds while he moved), and as he did, he remained silent. Normally he tried to get her to talk, but she never did. Slug had tried to understand what her reasons were for doing this. Honestly, he tried his very best. But Gothel never peeped a word to him.

So, perhaps, he had given up. And for today, he had.

Night was approaching, and the streets were empty from her violent attack earlier in the day. Pausing momentarily, he glanced up to the sky to try to spot any constellations, but to no prevail—the city’s lights had blocked them out.

Grunting, he was glad that he was going to return to his small ranch just outside of the city once this was over.

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Clowning Around // Duke and Gothel


She gasped as she suddenly felt a large shove against her and she swayed backwards. It felt like she was in an ocean surrounded by waves that pushed and engulfed her. Growling, Gothel leaned back, thoughts of annoyance filling her mind. Brat he called her.

How infuriating.

She stretched out her leg as far as she could and jammed it against the wall of his stomach. She stabbed him with her foot, keeping it there. Of course it didn’t pierce the skin at all but she imagined it would hurt or at least annoy. Hopefully annoy him enough to get his ass moving.

She always seemed to get her way, didn’t she?

While what she was doing tickled him more than hurt him, and what she was doing was completely and utterly childish. All he wanted to do was rest for a bit—to let his aching limbs and brain calm down before getting up and moving around. But he knew better; he knew Gothel well. She wanted something, and she usually wanted it now.

And he wasn’t going to get any rest.

Growling, he rolled over onto his feet, forcing himself to stand as he padded from his little corner and to the opening of the manhole. Carefully squeezing his way out of it, he reached for the lid to cover the gaping hole in the ground, and turned around to pad out of the alleyway and towards the streets.

"Are you happy now, Gothel. You’re getting your little way … again.”

Snorting, he hung his head as he sighed deeply from his throat.

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Clowning Around // Duke and Gothel


She sat pouting, glaring with her arms folded. She didn’t answer him and she remained silent. She was completely and utterly stuck here and she just wanted out. She felt the bunches of the jell-o like texture against her hair and it further annoyed her. Gothel wanted out of here now and she wanted to whine and yell about it.

Suddenly there as a ripple and it felt like she was being shoved by a wave. He was sitting down.

As he dared to stop for a rest instead of getting on with his plans and releasing her, she glared fiercely. Ignoring the sloshing sounds that filled her ears, in response she kicked him in the gut again. She was rather hoping he would get the hint to start moving.

A whine left his lips as she kicked him again. Whipping his slightly elongated face to her, Slug gave her a firm stare as he brought a firm hand to smack his thick gut. She acted like such a bratty child at times, and it did bother him to a certain extent. While her kicking didn’t hurt him, he could still feel it and he didn’t like the sensation.

"You are such a brat," he scoffed, curling his tail around his back legs. "If you want me to move, I hate to inform you that I’m resting for a bit. I can proudly say that being with you makes me a healthy, semi-fit man."

Stretching out his arms, he curled into a ball as he allowed his tired, aching body some rest. He was mindful of her and her comfort as well, but he wasn’t about to run for her like some slave and jump at her every whim. If anything, he deserved a little rest.

"I promise you I won’t fall asleep," he added with a slight smirk as his eyes closed in rest.

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Clowning Around // Duke and Gothel


As she was brought further into his mouth she squirmed further and began sending sharp rifts of sound through his ears as much and as loud as she could before she was swallowed. She kicked her legs, much like a child despite her earlier statement, as she desperately tried getting away but she knew it was no use. Slug had her now.

Once she was swallowed, she made noises of displeasure and she even kicked the inside of his stomach. She knew it wouldn’t do much good but she didn’t care. Her hair and her face and her entire body was icky and wet, this fact causing her plenty of frustration.

This was absolutely disgusting, she thought. She would have to bathe over and over and over again in order to get clean. Last time she had to bathe five times. She couldn’t believe that she had let herself fall into this trap again.

Slug gulped her down quickly, and it wasn’t long until she slid down his long throat and fell into his jell-o stomach. It always felt strange to have someone in his gut, no matter how many times he did it. Retracting his tail from the depths of his throat, he shivered violently as his body grew more accustomed to her. And when she kicked, he yelped in surprise.

That one had hurt.

Rolling over to his side, he lowered his head to peer over to her through his see-through walls as he watched her struggle. “Are you quite done with your childish display?” he muttered, raising a fleshy eyebrow as he spoke.

Reaching up, he cleaned away the slime on his tail as he gave a little hum to himself. Perhaps he ought to let her struggle—get it out of her system before he brought her to the police.

The ringing in his ears finally stopped, and he gave a sigh of relief as his brain started to calm and return to normal. For a moment, he rested on the cold floor of the dark underground ways, just allowing his mind to rest from all those ungodly sounds and waves she had attacked him with.

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Clowning Around // Duke and Gothel


She scoffed, although she appreciated the slime being wiped off her face.

" ‘Behave’… I’m not a child." she huffed, wriggling against his grasp. She cringed though as she realized what he was doing and she whined. "No no no…" she huffed, squirming but it was to no avail.

That awful green gunk dripped into her hair and she gasped, continuing to make sounds of horrified disgust and protest. Still, she wouldn’t lower herself to beg.

He paused, waiting for her to say something, but sighed through his nostrils as he pushed her into his mouth. Usually he drew out this process, making it slow and unbearable, but this time, he wanted to get it over with. With a slight twinge in pain, he forced her into the back of his mouth, his tail still firmly wrapped around her as his mouth hung open. Despite his gooey- lizard-slug-snake-like form, swallowing her posed as a challenge.

She had nice broad shoulders, lovely wide hips … and slender legs—

No! Remain on task. 

His long neck trembled as he curled his tail around his legs and arms as he dipped his head back and sharply swallowed. His tail still hung from his jaws, and it was quite an odd slight to behold. A giant slug-ish beast eating a woman.

Of course it was odd.

But his strange slimy body had interesting properties. Once inside, anyone he swallowed would be useless. Guns didn’t fire properly, often if supervillians used their powers, it would be futile …

He was a strange thing, and he admitted that to himself honestly for years. But this body of his was useful in keeping dangerous people enclosed in a safe area before he turned them over the the police.

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Clowning Around // Duke and Gothel


She watched him with a horrified expression mixed with anger, an offended glare being shot at him.

"This is degrading." she whined, squirming against his hold but it did no good. Suddenly his tongue began licking her an a shrill whine came from Gothel’s lips. She squirmed, gasping in shock as a revolted expression crossed Gothel’s features. He then licked her cheek and she gave a huff, before he ultimately pulled away and licked her lips.

Her eyes widened and she shuddered, filled with absolute shock at this. The slime was all over her cheek and now her lips and it was horrible. She couldn’t even wipe it away with her hands as her arms were still bound. The woman began pathetically whimpering. 

He felt a pang of sorrow flush over him as he listened to her whine and whimper. Slug knew deep down that she hated this more than anything, but he couldn’t trust her to carry her in his claws to the police station. He was much too slow on his fat hind legs and she could get away and the whole, terrible chase would begin all over again.

He couldn’t risk it.

Allowing the taunting attitude to fade away, he reached up to clean away the slime from her face as he looked at her. “There are times I wish you would behave,” he murmured, frowning at her. “Personally, I find it degrading that you’re running about hurting people.”

Sighing, he tipped her body at an angle as he glanced at her with that frown still upon his lips.

"And I’m sure that after I bring you to the jail, you’ll just escape and we’ll do this all over again. Oh, well, Gothel."

And with that, he opened his mouth. His long lizard-like tongue rolled from his maw like the red carpet during a grand Hollywood party. His mouth throbbed with shades of dark green as thick slime dripped from the roof of his mouth, down his chin, and pooled on the ground.

Bon appetite.

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Clowning Around // Duke and Gothel


Gothel huffed as he continued to hold her and she kept up her movements. Suddenly one of his claws covered her mouth and her eyes widened, squirming in protest. As his tail wrapped around her it was at least a better replacement to his tongue, despite how slimy it was. She still couldn’t move her arms so she couldn’t even begin attempting to wipe the slime off her neck.

She managed to pull her mouth away from his claw but that was about all she could do. She scoffed at his request and she even shot the volume up further. However, she stopped completely and it had become silent again as she looked at Slug with terror in her eyes.

"Don’t you dare." she muttered with a glare.

"Oh, and if I dare?"

He smiled at her, a mock charming, sweet smile as his tail curled more tightly around her to where his claws were now useless in holding her. Tucking his claws under him, he chuckled as he lifted her slightly up to stare down at her.

"Is was so much fun last time, dear Gothel," he mused with that broad smirk. "Do you remember? Oh, I did have a blast." As he chuckled, his gooey flesh ripped like a calm lake suddenly having a rock thrown in it. "And I’m going to have fun again."

Slug then licked her. Broadly, slowly, teasingly. The fat, slick thing traveled from her neck, moving upwards across her cheek and lifted away from her mask-covered face. He silently laughed as he did this. Pulling away, he licked his lips as he narrowed his eyes at her in mirth.

"Ah, like sugar."

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Clowning Around // Duke and Gothel


Gothel knew he was blocking her way out of the alley and he very well had her cornered. Perhaps at the last minute she could jump over him and escape, she thought. It was worth a try. Bracing herself, she spiked the frequency up in the sounds around them, making them sharply high pitched. She jumped into the air and just as she did, she realized he extended his tongue. Her eyes widened and she yelped as the tongue caught her, grasping her chest and her arms.

She squirmed in his grasp, whimpering as she felt the slime oozing from his tongue wrap all around her. It was dripping down her arms.

"Ew… Let go of me." she whined, sending another sharp sound in his ears as she continued to writhe in disgust.

He winced at the sharp frequencies that fill his ears. However, evident surprise stretched across his features as he tasted her clothing. He … he got her! Smiling to himself, Slug pulled here deeper in the long underground ways, his thick tongue still wrapped around her.

Now it was his time to mock her.

Sitting like a relaxing dog, his long tail came across to wrap around her legs to keep her steady. Her noises still hurt him, and it was making his head swim, but he courageously continued on. Reaching with his claw, he pressed it over her mouth to keep it closed. Carefully, his tail replaced his tongue as he had her in a firm grip—much like a mouse coiled within the body of a hungry snake.

"Now, dear Gothel, might you stop with your frequencies," he said in the most polite tone he could muster as he cringed at the sounds. "It’s rather unladylike of you to do so and you’re making my head hurt."

Winking at her, he gritted his fangs as he continued.

"You know, if you stop, I won’t do the … well, you know what."

And with that, he smirked down at her as he licked his lips.

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Clowning Around // Duke and Gothel


Gothel laughed a deep throaty chuckle and shook her head.

"Are you really surprised that I lied?" she taunted, grinning widely at him. "Aw, poor baby."

With that she jumped and flight allowed her to hover in the air. She got somewhat close to the coverings of this alley. She knew she could break them if she really tried but she wasn’t sure if she had it in her right now to exert such an effort. She watched Slug with that haughty grin on her face, thinking about how, for the most part, she had the upper hand.

"Come and fight me or else I’ll just leave and go back to what I was doing. You don’t want that now do you?”

The woman continued to watch him with observant, keen eyes, trying to make sure he didn’t try anything that might catch her off guard. A huff escaped her lips and she shook her head.

"I’m growing bored. You don’t want that to happen."

He was about to do something a bit bold. And probably stupid. Perhaps a little of both. Slug honestly didn’t care if she were bored—to hell with that. His long tail curled and uncurled as he stood up, glaring at her as he licked his lips. Thick dark slime dripped from his lips, down his chin, and pooled to the ground just under him.

And without warning, he charged.

Now, when he moved in this form, he was akin to an angry rhinoceros—big, heavy, and unwilling to stop. Slug kept his head down, panting heavily as he charged at her at full speed. He could take any attack she were to throw at him while he was running; it may slow him down, but not by much (well, it depended on what attack she used, though).

Then an idea hit him: his slime.

He knew how much she loathed it.

Grinning like a smug schoolboy, she flicked out his long tongue to grab a hold of her—it didn’t matter too much where as long as he had her in his grasp.

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Clowning Around // Duke and Gothel


So resilient he was. He barely even made a sound, Gothel noticed. She chuckled aloud and decided to mess with him further. She thoroughly enjoyed toying with him. It was insanely fun. Her hand twisted and the sound of footsteps was created. She opened her mouth to speak and when she did, the voice of a young boy spoke.

"Help! Help she’s got me! Please!" Her mimicking voice screamed and whimpered.

And then to further push Slug over the edge, her tongue created a loud crashing sound. A smirk on her face, she stood silent as she waited for her nemesis’ reaction.

Now, being the type of person he was, Slug often distrusted any sound that entered his ears while she was around. At first, he had fallen for her traps time and time again. Now he had grown wiser—however, part of him still wondered if it was a real boy that was in danger.

His tail flicked to the side as he poked his head out from his hiding. It seemed that his plan was backfiring quite dramatically. Whimpering, his long, curling tendrils swayed as he glanced around. Moving closer to the manhole as he sniffed the air.

Smelling no other scent, he growled.

"Liar!" he shouted, retreating into the darkness. "I smell no other."

His heavy body hid in the dim darkness, and once he ran out of breath, he stopped to turn around and await her. Pressing himself to the ground, he eyes the manhole in silence.

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Surprising Visit//Duke and Melody


             She appreciated that he was trying to understand, for some many had overlooked that aspect and merely pitied her. But in her heart she doubted that he knew what it truly felt like, the all encompassing weight on her shoulders, the highered expectations, it was smothering her and she didn’t quite know how to rid herself of it. 


             ”Germany? Are you going to visit Princess Aurora? Or one of the other royals in the area? If I remember correctly they have quite a few . .” Melody graciously accepted the Duke’s assistance as she seated herself. “Germany is on the better places to visit, France is the best one though.”

              She turned her attention to the pastries and tea, pouring herself a small cup and taking one of the chocolates. Melody began to pour a cup for the Duke,” How do you take your tea?” She asked.

"Um, not, actually. I’m going to see my family—some exciting personal matters, if you must know." He gave her a warm smile as his gaze flickered over her. "And you have met her highness Princess Aurora? Hmm, I assume that you have." He gave a chuckle as he sat down into the other free seat.

His dark eyes found the tasty treats, and he was in no mood to reject them. Reaching for several, he placed them on his plate and he, carefully, pulled apart a cinnamon bun to slowly devour. The sharp flavorings of the pastry made him almost moan in complete delight. Swallowing thickly, he looked to her with a slight smile as he cleaned his hands on a cloth napkin and reached for the teacup and then the teapot.

"Do you have sugar?"

He plucked the teapot and begun to pour himself some tea as he returned to look at her.

"So … um, in general, how are you, dear?"

Crinus Muto / AU


The praise was all he needed for Phillip to grin nearly from ear to ear. He tapped his wand to his temple again, and the wavy locks changed strand by strand into not a deep brown, but gold. Cheeky grin still present, he said, “This color, professor?”

Theodore arched his brow, staring at the very cheeky young man sitting before him. Making a humming sound, he gave a nod of his head and placed his arms behind his back.

"I would imagine you know your own hair colour, young man," he said, moving away from Phillip and made his way through the room. "However, I would be more impressed if you made your hair match that of a rainbow."

He gave a smirk before turning his dark eyes to catch the glimmer of one of his students having slight difficulty preforming the spell. Quickly, he went to them and spoke in whispers as he tried his best to assist her.

Welcome starter for thegrandpompouswindbag


"I told you who I am, I’m the Doctor," he stated and the sonic screwdriver started to beep.  "That’s a bad sound, a very bad sound indeed," the Doctor stated and looked out a nearby window.  A cyberman was walking by.  ”We are in trouble,” the Doctor told the other man as he looked out the window.  ”I know you aren’t sure if you should trust me or not, but right now, you don’t have much choice.  Unless you trust me to do so, those things are going to take over this planet.”  The Doctor pointed at it outside the window.

"Doctor what? You—"

The thing he was holding made a sound. Blinking, his dark eyes turned to it curiously before looking back up at the man before him with a slight glare. What did he mean that was bad?

"What on earth do you speak of? And what trouble? Should I call for the guards?"

Theodore twitched, the hair on his arms standing on end as he watched this “doctor” move to a window and point out of it. Narrowing his eyes, the lanky Duke moved to this odd man before glancing out said window. And what was out there was … surprising to say the least.

He had no idea what that thing was. But on closer inspection, it seemed like it was a man in some sort of odd armor. Whoever or whatever it was, the Duke did not recognize it—and that often meant that whoever it was had snuck onto the palace property.

An assassin out to kill the king, the prince, or even him? If so, he wasn’t doing such a good job hiding. Either way, the Duke felt a wave of horror and fear flush over him.

"Just who is that?"

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Lions and Tigers


"Why… with… YOU, of course! That’s how I’ll manage my kingdom. You can sign the papers and I’ll play, okay? It’s nicer in Carolingia and you’ll be safer with me around to protect you. Also you can have black forest cake any time you want did you know that? Just tug the cook’s apron and command them." He wrinkled his nose.

"Besideeeees Herzog, even if you didn’t want to sign papers everything would be perfect because I’m going to be the best ruler of them all, everyone tells me I’m destined for greatness so it must be true, right?”

The  little prince swung his feet off the edge of the Duke’s desk, straightening the papers he’d sign until it was the most perfectly straightened pile of parchments in All the Land. “An-y-way…” he huffed away at his golden hair, lit up as he thought of an idea, and then covered and uncovered his eyes in front of Theodore.

"Let’s play hide and seek!"

"Oh? And if you have no laws, how will you keep your commoners safe from harm?" he asked with a sly grin stretching across his thin lips. "And if there are no laws, what would be seen as right or wrong?"

Deep down inside he felt just a tad bit guilty picking on the boy. But, dare he say it: it was enjoyable. Just a bit. Well, it was enjoyable enough to make him smirk in amusement. Stretching his aching back, he felt something give a pop as a small whine escaped his lips. He’d been sitting down for far too long.

Arching his brow, the Duke stared at the little prince. Black forest cake whenever he wanted? He had to admit: that did sound rather good. He hadn’t had that in a while. Reaching for his monocle, he placed it to his eye and gave a slow nod of his head.

"Of course, your highness."

Reclining in his chair, he began to count:

"One … two … three … four …"

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