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"Gold, I need gold," the Doctor stated, surprised that a member of royalty actually believed him for once, or at least, someone who worked for royalty.  "Those Cybermen, they are weak to gold.  If they are touching gold, they shut down.  It’s only a temporary measure, as I’m sure they’ll figure out how to adapt, or something like that, but it will give us enough time to figure out how to get rid of them for good."


"This is a castle, right?  Castles, they generally have kings and queens and princes and all other sorts of royalty, and royalty of this era generally has gold.  Could we use the gold stored in this castle to stop the Cybermen?"

For a moment, the Duke racked his brain. He knew his royal majesty had gold-leaf covering objects, but he couldn’t remember where. Well, there were a few statues scattered throughout the palace. Biting on his lower lip, the Grand Duke turned to the man with the strange clothing and personality, and spoke:

"D-does it have to be entirely gold? Because I know we have statues with gold-leaf on it and I have golden coins."

He most certainly hoped it did. Because if this Doctor was correct, and these things were dangerous, he wished to stop it as soon as he could. Fiddling in his coat pockets, he removed a cloth pull-string purse, opened it, and plucked out a golden coin. The country mainly ran on silver and bronze for their currency, but there were a few gold coins, which were seen to be more valuable than any of the other coins they used in their daily life. With this single object, the Duke could easily purchase several cattle, along with a horse and goat, and make a commoner very happy.

"W-will this work?"

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Lions and Tigers


As grand a master of the game little Phillip thought himself to be, he made a very grave mistake when he heard Theodore’s searching. The boy stifled a laugh, then wanting to curl his toes in more so that they wouldn’t peek out from the hem of the tapestry he hid behind.

And so! He curled his toes, but then tried to scale the wall a liiiiittle bit by boosting himself on the bottom molding.

Then. He fell.

It wasn’t a very graceful fall either. He went tumbling down out of the tapestry and into the middle of the hall, his plump, red cheeks pressing flat into the carpets. The maid let out a startled gasp and froze in her spot while Phillip was left to his sulking.

He didn’t bother getting up from being belly-flat on the ground.

The Grand Duke looked over the hallway—he glanced behind potted vase, looked int eh tall hallway cabinets, and into the servant’s closets. Still, no sign of the little prince. Giving a hum at the back of his throat, the Duke rubbed his cheek in thought, wondering where the little lad could be.

It wasn’t long until he had hear a muffled thump down the left side of the hallway. Blinking his eyes owlishly, the Duke wondered what the sound was. Surely he could investigate it and return to the little game he and the boy were playing. But he sure wasn’t expecting to see this.

There, the young, boyish prince was laying still on the very expensive rug with a befuddled young maid standing next to him. The poor thing seemed to have no idea how to respond to the situation at hand, but Theodore felt a smile twitch at his lips. Nodding to the girl, he gave her a wave of his hand.

"You can run along. I’ll handle this."

The voiceless maid gave a nod and hurried off as the Duke approached the boy. Staring at him for a moment, he stepped over the little boy, crouched down, and stared at him for a moment, a sly look on his face.

"So, are you pretending you’re a rug?"

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Strange Alliance of Sorts/Maugrim and Duke | Pre-Curse


Maugrim huffed and averted his eyes. Not exactly the most mature of gestures, but he wasn’t exactly in the most charitable of moods. He was in pain and in the company of a man that thought him no more intelligent than a field mouse, Had he any strength he would have snapped at the man’s hand for such an insult. Lucky for him, the beast was tired and sore, though he supposed the smell was a bit better now that the disease wasn’t clinging so tightly to his skin.

"Very well," he replied, ears perking up somewhat though he still didn’t exactly look any more pleased than before. "Maybe you should try assuming others are smarter than you would initially think until proven otherwise. It might just save your skin."

The sudden wetness of the wine on his skin made his whimper, no longer caring too much about how this man saw him. It was clear that he was hardly going to make an attempt to think of him as anything more than a brain dead brute of a hunting dog.

Grim didn’t move his head to watch the man as he fussed a bit, and he actively avoided breathing in too deeply the scent of the cloth. Seemed like his sharp nose was acting against him now as he felt his stomach churn around the chicken in his belly. After how good it had felt to eat, he really didn’t want to lose it to the vile stench of a rag.

"I don’t remember what he was like," the wolf mused, thinking it better for his spirits to not focus on the man’s blunders. He was going out of his way to help, so he deserved, at least, a bit of humoring. "Maybe that’s best. I’ll leave any associations with the name behind until I know you better." He smiled faintly, a touch of sarcasm in his tone.

However, his confidence faded a bit as the other had to leave again. Maybe he shouldn’t have tried teasing him or snapped at him. Maybe he was leaving for good this time. “I’ll be here when you return,” he nodded, his voice steady but his eyes wide and expectant.

The Duke pursed his pale lips at the little insult the wolf threw at him. He wanted to counter back with a sarcastic remark. However, the Duke thought it not to be wise. After all, he liked having his hands be part of his body, thank you very much. And he was foolish in assuming that the wolf wasn’t intelligent like a human. Clearly he was—he had a name, a sharp tongue, and a notable personality. He was so obviously intelligent.

Nevertheless, Theodore gave the beast a slight smile as he then trotted off back to the kitchen. He noticed that the maids and the cooks were running about cleaning dishes, cooking food, of putting things into boiling pots of water. It was incredibly hot within the large containment, still the Duke was about to “borrow” two pieces of cloth, thinking that these would work just fine.

He thanked the servants before scurrying off. He then noticed a guard standing several feet away from the wolf, and was about to get closer until the Duke shooed him off the protect another part of the castle. This was becoming rather difficult, the Duke mused as he combed his hair with his broad hand. Still, he remained on task and returned to the injured wolf. The lanky human gave him a lop-sided smile.

"Missed me?"

He threw one rag near the wolf’s paw, and kept a firm grip on the other. Sighing, the Duke lowered himself to his knees and returned to his job. Finding a festering wound, he opened the closed wine bottle and started to pour fresh wine over it. It wasn’t too long later until he was dabbing at the opening to clean it.

What Is It Like


Gothel gazed over Florian’s features, her lips parting with a soft sigh as she listened to him. Yes, their love was of course more important than their vast differences. Besides, she wasn’t the only one of the two of them who had secrets either. Theodore had a cursed form and with that came even more oddities in addition to them as a couple.

However, Gothel didn’t care about that. Both of them had their strange qualities and they knew and accepted each other for them and promised to keep each other’s secrets.

She stretched her body slightly, bringing her hands behind her back and extending them outwards before bringing them into her lap again. She listened to Florian’s statement, and for the most part she agreed with it. Against robbers and vandals, yes, Theodore could protect her. Gothel could also protect herself. Although her enemies were foes that were rather different. She wasn’t even sure she could fight them.

One was, obviously, the mobs that hunted her. All human, that was fine, Gothel could crush them easily. But not without mass murder of large numbers of civilians. She didn’t think Theodore or Rapunzel for that matter would approve of a couple hundred Corona citizens being killed. And then there were more treacherous enemies. Mozenrath for one, another magical being, who threatened her life. She herself was unsure if she could win against him, let alone a human Theodore. It was the same with Maleficent, only with her, sentimentality was an effect too. Theodore could hardly protect her from these people. Really, Gothel didn’t think he could protect her at all when it came to them.

"So, do you have any other questions for me?" she asked Florian.

Florian blinked owlishly, staring at her for a moment in thought. He didn’t have really anything else to ask about. They had gone over certain things such as hobbies and likes. He knew that she didn’t have any parents, and that she was raised by another. He wanted to know more about that, but deep down he knew that he may be getting a bit too personal. Besides, he was sure his stepson knew.

"I can’t think of anything else."

Reaching up, he scratched his neck, turning to stare at the fountain with pleasure. He watched as a rather heavy squirrel rush to it, placing its little paws upon the marble, and then started to drink from the cool water. He gave a little smile, placing his folded hands on his lap as he watched the critter then start to take a bath in the water; rubbing his little paws against his fur and chattering to himself.

"I’m sure Theodore told you that I am his stepfather."

Florian turned back to her, his face seldom as his gaze flickered over her. He kept silent for a moment before continuing:

"I hope this isn’t new information for you, dear."

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     i { promised } you both

       that when i was older 

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What Is It Like


Gothel sighed as she felt Florian’s gentle touch. He squeezed her hand in such a kind gesture and she smiled a little bit.

"We are odd, aren’t we?" she chuckled.

And Florian didn’t even understand how odd they really were. How she was really a witch who had lived for hundreds of years, someone who looked younger than the aged duke, and yet she was actually older than him. How she had actually slept with one of Theodore’s grandfathers so many years ago and how she had met Theodore when he was a child, herself being in the form of a bird where he took care of her. She and Theodore were very odd and complicated.

When her head was turned towards her future father in law, she gazed at him curiously. Listening to his thoughts about the afterlife, she couldn’t help but smirk. She didn’t doubt that there was some form of life after death. She didn’t imagine it to be pleasant. She knew of Hades and his underworld, but wasn’t sure if everyone went there when they died. But she was sure of one thing; If there was such a thing as the fable of Heaven and Hell, she wouldn’t be joining people like Florian and Theodore.

"If you say so, old timer." she spoke with a playful tone. But soon the time for jokes was over and the dreaded name of Jacques had been mentioned once again. She still remembered Theodore’s expression as soon as she had mentioned his name. "Yes, I know." she told him, although it hadn’t been what she meant when she spoke of possibilities of her murder. Or rather, her slaying.

That’s what her enemies saw her as —a wretched beast that needed to be slain. However, she would allow Florian to believe that she was simply frightened of robbers, even if these people were those she could easily strike down if she thought her life was in danger. Gothel could handle herself among greedy jackals. It was her enemies who swore to kill her in the name of justice that posed a real threat. The person who killed her would no doubt be considered a hero by many.

The older gentleman looked her over, tilting his head to the side with curiosity. Closing his eyes, the man rotated his head downward as he shifted in the bench he was perched in. After a moment, he arched his back, feeling his spine crackle and tingle; the odd sensation going up and reaching the base of his skull.

"That may be, dear, but you two love each other, and I think that matters more than where you were born and what your blood is."

He wondered, though, what kind of a daughter-in-law she would be. Surely she had information regarding the commoner life, something he and none of his family had ever experienced. Perhaps it would be enriching to have more diversity in their family. He saw nothing really wrong with that.

Reclining in his seat, he looked her over once more and became silent. He could understand her fear—the whole family was in a state of sadness, horror, and shock when news reached of the youngest brother’s slaying. Of course, all were heartbroken, and even though it had happened so many years ago, it still stung. The wound was fresh and trying to heal.

"I’m sure Theodore will keep you from harm’s way," Florian said after a little while. "A good husband protects the woman he adores."

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What Is It Like


Shaken up, Gothel sighed and looked away again. Her eyes watched the ground, remaining there for quite sometime as she listened to Florian speak. When he mentioned her love for Theodore, she couldn’t help but smile to herself. She looked up at Florian again, a tiny, almost saddened chuckle escaping her.

"Try convincing Meta of that, will you?" she spoke, her smile transforming into a smirk before fading entirely. "If only she could see. If she could see how absolutely devoted I am to him. I think she would be frightened. I frighten myself with the things I’m willing to do for Theodore."

She sighed, another smile forming on her lips. She avoided the subject of grandchildren. Instead, she responded to his last comment.

"Throw you in the ground? You talk about dying so casually. You’re not afraid of it?" she asked curiously, glancing away. "I’ve spent my whole life afraid of death. Last year I was embracing death. And now I’m afraid of it again. The moment when my heart will stop beating, when everything will fade to black, how I’ll probably feel pain and desperation of wanting to stay."

When she realized she was rambling of what haunted her, she stopped and a smile returned on her face that had faded into genuine fear a moment ago.

"But I suppose that’s a long ways away. Unless I’m killed or anything. But I think I’m capable of protecting myself." She wouldn’t accept that the method she was currently using to keep herself alive was actually killing her.


For a moment, the older man was confused. But then he remembered her stern stance on royalty-commoner marriage and how it shouldn’t be tolerated. She held many beliefs that he himself never held, and it was distressing to think that the woman may have said something to his stepson’s new fiance. Florian gave a slow, understanding nod of his head as he then squeezed her hand.

"I think she’ll understand, one day," the older gentleman said. "But you do have to remember: you and Theodore are an odd match. However, I can see that you love him very dearly, and I’m sure that she will, too. Just give her some time."

He reached over to gently rest his hand to her cheek. With a soft pat, he turned her head so that her eyes would be upon him. Florian continued:

"There’s nothing to fear about death, my dear girl. After all, there is a life after this. Your existence won’t end once your physical one has. You’ll be alive, and I’ll see you there."

He withdrew his hand, cocking his head to the side just a tad before speaking yet again.

"And why would you be killed?" he inquired before growing silent and thinking of Jacques. Nodding his head, he sighed softly. "Then … you know of Jacques?"

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What Is It Like


She nods softly, looking away from Florian. She turned to look at the fountain, watching the water stream outwards. How serene and peaceful it was.

"Yes, happiness is important. However I’m learning that it’s not the only thing that is." she murmured.

As she was sat down on a bench, she stared at the ground, watching the grass very slightly move with the breeze.

"Happiness in general, I think, is the most important. My own happiness however, it’s not always going to be put first and I think I’m okay with that. Because even with that, with Theodore I’ve felt more happiness than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Making him happy, that’s the most important." she spoke with a quiet sigh. "I understand the challenge…. the consequences. Another important thing is facing them… for him. Because I love him. Because he deserves it. When I said yes to Theodore’s question, I said it with the intention of accepting such things. So I answer your question with the same answer.”

Gothel turned her head and she gazed up at Florian’s face.

"Your son took someone who was lost and alone, with no purpose or meaning in her life. He took her and gave her a reason to be when all other reasons had fled. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know if I’d still exist. My life isn’t mine anymore. Before, there was nothing left of it and with his love and acceptance, he gave a life to me. My life is his and his life is mine. The things I do, I do them for Theodore.”

The answer she gave was satisfactory. He did wonder deep down how her life was before she met his stepson. Was she a miserable person? Had something gone wrong in her life? The old man thought it was not to ask; perhaps in time she would tell him, whenever that may be. Florian wouldn’t pressure her. He wouldn’t force her—he would allow her to come to that desire to speak with him about whatever had happened before when she felt like she was ready.

Whatever it was, he was sure Theodore knew. They seemed so close, and he could feel the affections the had for each other. Something brewed by two people madly in love. They wanted to be together, and this woman was willing to give up her old life for this new one, simply because his stepson—his son—gave one to her. Showered her with affections and gave something of importance to her.

If that wasn’t love, he wasn’t sure what was.

Florian gave a warm, heartfelt smile as he leaned in to press a chaste kiss to his soon-to-be-wife to that of his beloved son. He then gave a squeeze of her hand before speaking.

"Anyone who tells you that you are not worthy of my son’s affections have no idea the love I can feel from you over him," he said with a smooth, calm voice. "Pay them no mind. I will ensure the both of you have the wedding of your dreams. Only if you ensure that I have one grandchild before I get thrown in the ground."

He gave her a playful wink just after he spoke.

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What Is It Like


Once they arrived, Gothel’s old habit came into play of observing her surroundings. With gentle but quick turns of her head she studied the area around them. They were alone, it seemed. Perhaps it was too early in the day for there to be too many people at the park. Perhaps there were some people here, but not enough to form crowds and the park was so big, if there were people here, they were probably in another area.

Examining the trees, the grass, the little things like birds and marble statues and moments later, she snapped out of her thoughts when Florian took hold of her.

He took her hand and he squeezed it warmly, speaking in the most gentle voice as he did, although there was obviously more to his voice than that.

Soon her own hand was brought to Florian’s arm, he himself taking her hands and doing this. Gothel said nothing, remaining silent and cautious as she was led to a fountain with him, until he spoke. And what an interesting first question to ask.

"Of course I am. That is why I’m marrying him." she said in the hopes he didn’t have such ideas as Meta. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, don’t you think that happiness is a very important ingredient in a healthy, long-lasting marriage?"

A sage smile appeared under his thick facial hair as he glanced over the the trickling fountain. He watched two birds bathe cutely; flapping their wings and rubbing beads of water into their feathers and skin. He gazed at them for a moment before guiding her to a bench to sit them both down in. Getting comfortable, the man placed his hands to his old knees before turning to Gothel.

"Are you comfortable being with him?" he inquired softly. "I know you lived a commoner life, and, from what I’ve seen, it’s far more simpler than that of royalty. You will be … well, to put it bluntly, have to act like we do. Wear our clothing, speak the way we speak, act the way we act. Are you sure you’re up for the challenge?"

If her answer was yes, she would be perfect. Someone so willing to sacrifice so much was one to be honored, loved, and respected. Yes, the man knew there would be those who would belittle her, mock her, and judge her. But if she was so willing to do so much for his son, who could say that she was a terrible person, that she was lowly, that she wasn’t worthy.

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What Is It Like


To be told that someone wanted to spend time with her, especially by the person who wanted to, it was a slight joy that began affecting her. She grinned softly at Florian. It was even better when it was a person who might become a father figure in her life.

It was brand new and different and exciting, although Gothel couldn’t bring herself to admit it. She didn’t know if it was her pride or her insistence that she didn’t need a father in her life. Even though she always wanted one. Perhaps it was that people, like Meta, still saw her as someone undeserving of happiness. She couldn’t yet decipher herself.

Theodore looked embarrassed and Gothel couldn’t help but smile at that. Ah, his adorable shyness. She giggled when her cheek was kissed, somehow feeling better. She was going to be spending time with Florian and today, hopefully, was going to be a good day, despite what had happened this morning.

It wasn’t long until the foursome reached a park just outside the chapel, Florian detached his arm from his wife, and reached for Gothel’s hand with a warm smile. Theodore, in response, released his fiance and took the offered hand of his mother’s. The older woman smiled up at her son, and pressed a kiss to her oldest son’s warm cheek. He chuckled at her, face slightly red, and pressed a kiss to her gloved hand.

"Well, let the girl and I spend some time together," Florian stated with a warm squeezing gesture to Gothel’s hands.

Theodore gave a light nod of his head, a smile still etched on his pale lips. “Will do, Father,” the man with the thick facial hair said.

"Now you two have a good time," Zelda pipped in with a calm expression. "And Florian, dear, don’t get too playful. You know about that back of yours."

The white-haired man gave his wife a sly, yet knowing grin as he placed Gothel’s hands to his arm. “Will do, my love,” he said, flicking his hand at her in a short wave. “Teddy, take care of your mother.”

"Of course."

"Good, now git."

Theodore smirked at the older man as he and he mother turned the other way and left the two alone. In the background, a squirrel was digging at the ground, singing birds bathed in the fountain, and statues of marble hung about. Florian, sighing as inched closer to the fountain with angels, then turned to Gothel.

"Are you happy with my son, dear?"

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"му ηαмє ωσυℓ∂ вє¢σмє… ℓєﻭєη∂."

- Two years of roleplaying experience on Tumblr
- Multiverse
- Singleship
- Crossover, AU and OC friendly
- Adaptive roleplayer. Can do gif/icon chats, one-liner and para
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"му ηαмє ωσυℓ∂ вє¢σмє… ℓєﻭєη∂."

- Two years of roleplaying experience on Tumblr

- Multiverse

- Singleship

- Crossover, AU and OC friendly

- Adaptive roleplayer. Can do gif/icon chats, one-liner and para

- Ask is always open for roleplays, IC/OOC chats and questions about everything under the sun

(SPAIN)          (LETTERS)          (RULES)

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What Is It Like


Gothel extended each leg as Theodore put her shoes on for her one at a time, forcing herself not to smile with the way he touched her feet as he did. Her feet were very ticklish and her body almost giggled, but eventually she kept it at bay with a smile forming on her lips that she directed at Florian and Zelda.

"Yes, we wanted a bit of time alone." she spoke in response to Zelda’s question, although to Gothel, it seemed as if the mother had more of an idea of what she and her son were doing.

Her smile softened and her eyes glanced to Florian. Just for a moment and then she looked at Theodore again, leaning on him for support now that she had these heels on again.

"Well, I suppose we shall be going now, hm?" she asked, looking to her fiance. It was strange to think of him with such a title in her mind, but there it was.

Florian gave a nod, his long hair swaying with the movement. Zelda and him shared a glance, and the Duke blushed under their silent scrutiny. Still, Theodore composed himself, cleared his throat, and patted Gothel’s arm tenderly.

"Yes, of course," the older man said, making a sweeping motion with his hand as he allowed the new couple to walk forward. "Come along, you two. And Gothel, I can’t wait to spend some time with you."

Zelda glanced up to her husband, smiling warmly and pressing a kiss to his cheek sweetly. “Yes, come along, darlings,” the woman said with a small smile as the woman followed after her husband.

Theodore, shooting an embarrassed look to his new fiance, followed after his parnets. Of course, the Duke was extra careful of not tipping her over as they moved. A tiny bit later, he pressed a kiss to her cheek and smiled warmly at her.

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What Is It Like


Closing her eyes, she sighed softly as she felt Theodore’s caring fingers working at her feet. She nodded once, opening her eyes after a few moments.

"Yes, this feels nice. Thank you." she murmured as she watched what he was doing. Gothel glanced at his face once and then her attention returned to what his fingers were doing with her feet. She enjoyed the way he was taking such good care of her flesh, being firm but gentle and it was soothing as she had initially hoped. She wanted to stay here for a while, but soon she began hearing footsteps coming towards them.

Gothel turned her head to look and when she did, she saw Zelda and Florian approaching. She sighed again, knowing Theodore would have to stop, but at least she would be able to see how spending time with Florian would end up. Gothel acted calm and collected and even uncaring about this, but in reality she was somewhat excited to be doing this. It would be her first time celebrating this holiday and with a father who was sweet and kind.

Reluctantly, and also secretly a bit eager, she pulled her feet away from Theodore and stood as she watched his parents walking to them.

He continued his ministrations, his quick fingers rubbing out any knots in her flesh and muscles. Theodore watched her skin flex and twitch against his palms, and he let out a small sigh at the lovely display. In the background, the Duke could hear the footsteps of someone, but he wasn’t sure who until he gave a sharp inhale.

It was his parents—part of him was glad it wasn’t Meta, for he felt no need or want to speak with her. Knowing that he had to stop, the Duke placed a sneaky smile to her sole, just under her toes, before he reached for her heels to put on.

Of course, the Duke couldn’t help himself; he had to have another touch just to appease his lusty mind. As he was putting on her heels, his hands groped her ankles and calves, and with each touch he let out a deep, pleased sigh. After a while, he stood up, and offered his hand to her.

Florian was first to appear. The older gentleman smiled at Theodore, and he couldn’t help but to return the smile. “Ah, there you two are,” the old man said.

Zelda clung to her husband’s arm, and she gave a smile as well. “Just what were you two doing here?” she inquired, an honest expression of curiousness on her face.

Blushing, the Grand Duke shook his heas as he placed a steady hand to Gothel’s shoulder. “O-oh, Mama, we were just … talking.”

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What Is It Like


She nodded briefly, watching him. As he sat down, Gothel moved into a crouching position against the other rock, waiting for what he was going to do. Just as she sort of figured, he immediately went towards her feet.

Part of her wasn’t in the mood but another part decided to embrace it. She nodded again, extending her leg as he took her foot.

"Yes, massage my feet for me. They really hurt from the high heels." she told Theodore, gazing at him softly. "Do whatever else you want with them as well, as long as you massage them."

Hopefully that would help ease some of her nerves and soothe her aching feet. Hopefully spending time with Florian soon would help too.

He gave her a weak smile as the pads of his thumbs pressed against the natural arches of her foot. With firm, yet tender hands, he rubbed the sole of her foot. He rotated his thumbs so that they would spread along the smooth surface of her skin and muscle. As Theodore worked his hands over her, there were moments where his gaze flickered up to meet hers with that usual sheepish expression spread across his face.

"H-how does that feel?" he inquired, his tongue pressed against his teeth once he stopped speaking. "Y-you like it?"

The pads of his digits caressed the top of her foot, massaging the skin in little circles. It was hard not to say that he was clearly enjoying this. Watching her silky skin ripple under his deft fingers, the feel of her toned muscle underneath his digits—dare he say that it was all so encompassing and arousing. Still, he simply massaged them, remaining the gentleman he always was.

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