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fifty caps per disney film: cinderella  [1&2/50]

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What Is It Like


Gothel nodded softly. She did know everything, or at least everything she needed to know or Theodore wanted her to know. She was sure that she didn’t know absolutely everything about Theodore, but she knew enough and most things really so that was good for her.

"Yes. Theodore has told me much about himself and his family and his past. Just as I have him."

She was sure that she and Theodore didn’t know everything about each other, but Gothel thought that was okay and to be expected. For her, it was impossible for two people to know every single thing about each other.

Listening to him speak about how children honored their fathers and what Father’s Day was like, it intrigued her greatly. She had never really imagined herself ever being able to celebrate it. Then as he spoke with her, seemingly out of sympathy, she smiled softly.

"It isn’t too bold, I promise. Trust me, people say that I am too bold. ” she chuckled. “How would you care for me as a daughter?” she asked curiously.

For a moment, Florian looked over the woman with curiosity mixed in with deep thought. Yes, there was a flutter of pain for her. She never really had a family … Maybe this was why his stepson was so attentive to her. Theodore, by nature, was an attentive man, especially to the woman he loved. However, he seemed more protective and more willing to take care of her than all his other girls. She didn’t have what they had and so willingly took advantage of. Giving her a warm smile, he reached over to take her hand.

"Well, that’s something more to be shown than spoken of. I’m sure you’ll know, my dear."

Standing up, he gave her a warm smile and offered his arm to her. He would try his best to fully understand his future daughter-in-law a bit better. Maybe have a game with her, or some afternoon tea. Something, anything—he wanted to spend more time with her. After all, they were already engaged and he merely spend a week with her.

"Let us have some tea, my dear girl. I feel it would be good for us to spend some more time together. I’m sure Theodore won’t mind if I kidnap you for a while."

He gave her a playful grin and a wink.

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(by phoebefossil)


(by phoebefossil)
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Dinner Dress/Emile Pingnat 



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         It hurt like hell the last time I lost you

                          [ a n d ]

         I don't wanna do that again.

What Is It Like


Gothel shook her head in a way of telling him no, although she still spoke her answer as well. She wanted to make sure he knew which question she was saying no to. 

"No, it’s not at all information. Theodore had previously told me." she informed. "So, tell me, I’m curious. What is it that fathers do on this holiday? I’ve never celebrated it so I’m not at all sure." she told him with a gentle gaze as she looked to him. 

Of course part of her was worried that they wouldn’t do anything at all besides more interrogation. But another part actually wanted to get to know him, having the intention of becoming on better terms with him. With Meta against her, she needed as many people on her side as she could get and this included Florian and Zelda.

Luckily Maximilien had been won over, which leveled out his wife’s hatred for her just a bit. 

"Ah, so you know … everything, right?"

He assumed she did. His stepson must have explained about his rough father and his abuse when he was very young. Why was he questioning it? They were to be wed! Of course the woman and her husband-to-be must have long discussions about his past, her past, and their future together.

Shifting, he heard his old back crackle softly as he fought back the urge to hiss at the slight moment of pain. Reaching up, he scratched his chin, observing her silently before deciding to speak.

"Well, it’s a day form children to honor their fathers. We spend time together, enjoy each others company. But, as you know, Theodore doesn’t live in Germany, so he doesn’t get to see us much. But he always makes sure to write to us."

He reached over to smooth his coat, watching a bird dart by them and then plop down to wade in the fountain’s cool water.

"I am sorry you didn’t have a father, and I hope you don’t see is as being too bold, but I would love to care for you like a daughter. After all, you are part of the family."

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Welcome starter for thegrandpompouswindbag


"Gold, I need gold," the Doctor stated, surprised that a member of royalty actually believed him for once, or at least, someone who worked for royalty.  "Those Cybermen, they are weak to gold.  If they are touching gold, they shut down.  It’s only a temporary measure, as I’m sure they’ll figure out how to adapt, or something like that, but it will give us enough time to figure out how to get rid of them for good."


"This is a castle, right?  Castles, they generally have kings and queens and princes and all other sorts of royalty, and royalty of this era generally has gold.  Could we use the gold stored in this castle to stop the Cybermen?"

For a moment, the Duke racked his brain. He knew his royal majesty had gold-leaf covering objects, but he couldn’t remember where. Well, there were a few statues scattered throughout the palace. Biting on his lower lip, the Grand Duke turned to the man with the strange clothing and personality, and spoke:

"D-does it have to be entirely gold? Because I know we have statues with gold-leaf on it and I have golden coins."

He most certainly hoped it did. Because if this Doctor was correct, and these things were dangerous, he wished to stop it as soon as he could. Fiddling in his coat pockets, he removed a cloth pull-string purse, opened it, and plucked out a golden coin. The country mainly ran on silver and bronze for their currency, but there were a few gold coins, which were seen to be more valuable than any of the other coins they used in their daily life. With this single object, the Duke could easily purchase several cattle, along with a horse and goat, and make a commoner very happy.

"W-will this work?"

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Lions and Tigers


As grand a master of the game little Phillip thought himself to be, he made a very grave mistake when he heard Theodore’s searching. The boy stifled a laugh, then wanting to curl his toes in more so that they wouldn’t peek out from the hem of the tapestry he hid behind.

And so! He curled his toes, but then tried to scale the wall a liiiiittle bit by boosting himself on the bottom molding.

Then. He fell.

It wasn’t a very graceful fall either. He went tumbling down out of the tapestry and into the middle of the hall, his plump, red cheeks pressing flat into the carpets. The maid let out a startled gasp and froze in her spot while Phillip was left to his sulking.

He didn’t bother getting up from being belly-flat on the ground.

The Grand Duke looked over the hallway—he glanced behind potted vase, looked int eh tall hallway cabinets, and into the servant’s closets. Still, no sign of the little prince. Giving a hum at the back of his throat, the Duke rubbed his cheek in thought, wondering where the little lad could be.

It wasn’t long until he had hear a muffled thump down the left side of the hallway. Blinking his eyes owlishly, the Duke wondered what the sound was. Surely he could investigate it and return to the little game he and the boy were playing. But he sure wasn’t expecting to see this.

There, the young, boyish prince was laying still on the very expensive rug with a befuddled young maid standing next to him. The poor thing seemed to have no idea how to respond to the situation at hand, but Theodore felt a smile twitch at his lips. Nodding to the girl, he gave her a wave of his hand.

"You can run along. I’ll handle this."

The voiceless maid gave a nod and hurried off as the Duke approached the boy. Staring at him for a moment, he stepped over the little boy, crouched down, and stared at him for a moment, a sly look on his face.

"So, are you pretending you’re a rug?"

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Strange Alliance of Sorts/Maugrim and Duke | Pre-Curse


Maugrim huffed and averted his eyes. Not exactly the most mature of gestures, but he wasn’t exactly in the most charitable of moods. He was in pain and in the company of a man that thought him no more intelligent than a field mouse, Had he any strength he would have snapped at the man’s hand for such an insult. Lucky for him, the beast was tired and sore, though he supposed the smell was a bit better now that the disease wasn’t clinging so tightly to his skin.

"Very well," he replied, ears perking up somewhat though he still didn’t exactly look any more pleased than before. "Maybe you should try assuming others are smarter than you would initially think until proven otherwise. It might just save your skin."

The sudden wetness of the wine on his skin made his whimper, no longer caring too much about how this man saw him. It was clear that he was hardly going to make an attempt to think of him as anything more than a brain dead brute of a hunting dog.

Grim didn’t move his head to watch the man as he fussed a bit, and he actively avoided breathing in too deeply the scent of the cloth. Seemed like his sharp nose was acting against him now as he felt his stomach churn around the chicken in his belly. After how good it had felt to eat, he really didn’t want to lose it to the vile stench of a rag.

"I don’t remember what he was like," the wolf mused, thinking it better for his spirits to not focus on the man’s blunders. He was going out of his way to help, so he deserved, at least, a bit of humoring. "Maybe that’s best. I’ll leave any associations with the name behind until I know you better." He smiled faintly, a touch of sarcasm in his tone.

However, his confidence faded a bit as the other had to leave again. Maybe he shouldn’t have tried teasing him or snapped at him. Maybe he was leaving for good this time. “I’ll be here when you return,” he nodded, his voice steady but his eyes wide and expectant.

The Duke pursed his pale lips at the little insult the wolf threw at him. He wanted to counter back with a sarcastic remark. However, the Duke thought it not to be wise. After all, he liked having his hands be part of his body, thank you very much. And he was foolish in assuming that the wolf wasn’t intelligent like a human. Clearly he was—he had a name, a sharp tongue, and a notable personality. He was so obviously intelligent.

Nevertheless, Theodore gave the beast a slight smile as he then trotted off back to the kitchen. He noticed that the maids and the cooks were running about cleaning dishes, cooking food, of putting things into boiling pots of water. It was incredibly hot within the large containment, still the Duke was about to “borrow” two pieces of cloth, thinking that these would work just fine.

He thanked the servants before scurrying off. He then noticed a guard standing several feet away from the wolf, and was about to get closer until the Duke shooed him off the protect another part of the castle. This was becoming rather difficult, the Duke mused as he combed his hair with his broad hand. Still, he remained on task and returned to the injured wolf. The lanky human gave him a lop-sided smile.

"Missed me?"

He threw one rag near the wolf’s paw, and kept a firm grip on the other. Sighing, the Duke lowered himself to his knees and returned to his job. Finding a festering wound, he opened the closed wine bottle and started to pour fresh wine over it. It wasn’t too long later until he was dabbing at the opening to clean it.

What Is It Like


Gothel gazed over Florian’s features, her lips parting with a soft sigh as she listened to him. Yes, their love was of course more important than their vast differences. Besides, she wasn’t the only one of the two of them who had secrets either. Theodore had a cursed form and with that came even more oddities in addition to them as a couple.

However, Gothel didn’t care about that. Both of them had their strange qualities and they knew and accepted each other for them and promised to keep each other’s secrets.

She stretched her body slightly, bringing her hands behind her back and extending them outwards before bringing them into her lap again. She listened to Florian’s statement, and for the most part she agreed with it. Against robbers and vandals, yes, Theodore could protect her. Gothel could also protect herself. Although her enemies were foes that were rather different. She wasn’t even sure she could fight them.

One was, obviously, the mobs that hunted her. All human, that was fine, Gothel could crush them easily. But not without mass murder of large numbers of civilians. She didn’t think Theodore or Rapunzel for that matter would approve of a couple hundred Corona citizens being killed. And then there were more treacherous enemies. Mozenrath for one, another magical being, who threatened her life. She herself was unsure if she could win against him, let alone a human Theodore. It was the same with Maleficent, only with her, sentimentality was an effect too. Theodore could hardly protect her from these people. Really, Gothel didn’t think he could protect her at all when it came to them.

"So, do you have any other questions for me?" she asked Florian.

Florian blinked owlishly, staring at her for a moment in thought. He didn’t have really anything else to ask about. They had gone over certain things such as hobbies and likes. He knew that she didn’t have any parents, and that she was raised by another. He wanted to know more about that, but deep down he knew that he may be getting a bit too personal. Besides, he was sure his stepson knew.

"I can’t think of anything else."

Reaching up, he scratched his neck, turning to stare at the fountain with pleasure. He watched as a rather heavy squirrel rush to it, placing its little paws upon the marble, and then started to drink from the cool water. He gave a little smile, placing his folded hands on his lap as he watched the critter then start to take a bath in the water; rubbing his little paws against his fur and chattering to himself.

"I’m sure Theodore told you that I am his stepfather."

Florian turned back to her, his face seldom as his gaze flickered over her. He kept silent for a moment before continuing:

"I hope this isn’t new information for you, dear."

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